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Facial Surgery
- Eye Lift
- Face Lift
- Botox

Body Contouring

- Gynecomastia
- Liposuction

Breast Surgery
- Breast Augment
- Mastopexy

Appt. & info.

Before & After Photos

(a) 32 year old woman before and after liposuction of submental area-neck

(b) 35 year old slim woman with localized fat: before and after liposuction

(c) 29 year old woman before and after tumescent liposuction of hips, outer/inner thighs

(d) 5 lbs. of fat liposuctioned from inner/outer thighs of patient (c) above

(e) 43 year old man, before and after Ultrasonic Tumescent liposuction of "love handles".
Pant size went from 36" to 32" waist

(f) 52 year old woman who gained abdominal fat after the menopause, before and after liposuction

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